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AFFINIMIP®SPE BISPHENOL A pour l'analyse de toutes les matrices alimentaires

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SilactSPE - Phase à base de Silice et d'Alumine

Cartouches contenant les sorbants à base de Silice et d'Alumine les plus adaptés


SilactSPETM Silica or alumina -based SPE cartridges are silica- or alumina based phases and  offer a broad range of chemically modified silica or alumina. This chemistry goes from very polar sorbent (bare silica) to hydrophobic sorbent (end-capped saturated hydrocarbon modified silica) passing through intermediate polarity (for instance, amino modified silica). These sorbents are sensitive to extreme pH.

POLYINTELL proposes a selection of the most usual silica and alumina-based SPE cartridges used for radiotracers purification:

- SilactSPETM C18

- SilactSPETM Aminopropyl

- SilactSPETM cyanopropyl

- SilactSPETM Diol

- SilactSPETM Silica

- SilactSPETM Alumina Acidic

- SilactSPETM Alumina Basic

- SilactSPETM Alumina Neutral


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